Stone wall

It has been a while since I last posted a picture. Other creative endeavours have taken up some time, and I discontinued my one-picture-a-day habit a while back. Do not worry, I will not stop making photographs, and have some interesting projects lined up, so watch this space. In the meantime, enjoy a picture of myself and my good friend Clara.

Nära (“Near”)

This portrait is from Nära (“Near”), a series of close-up portraits of friends. They have all been made with my ЛОМО T-43 40mm f/4 lens—a surprisingly high quality glass triplet lens. They have also all been made at the same distance and depth of focus, in the 2:3 format of the Smena 8m camera the lens was original made for, with no cropping. This makes it possible to print them all in 1:1 scale, which is how I would at some time like to present them as a booklet or an exhibition.

You can see the whole series in my portfolio.


I have been working a lot in black and white portraits lately. Here is a vaguely Hitchcockian self-portrait from a couple of days ago. The whole horror film angle wasn’t very intentional—I was just engrossed in the lighting setup. However, that’s what it appears to make everyone think of, and I can see why.