Unknown soldier

I made this photograph by a lake in Jämtland, while waiting for a fish to bite. To make it I stacked two fast 50 mm lenses, one reversed. I’m not an expert, but I think the subject was a soldier which had gotten lost.

What do dreams mean?

Animals — so much like us, yet so different. (They never act unnatural just because you bring out a camera). Who needs extraterrestrials when we still haven’t made first contact with our closest relatives? If you’re not getting it, ask a horse what they dreamt about last night.

Flowering head

I went to the botanical garden with a friend you have seen before, who lives near it. The intention was to make some pictures with him together with the flowers, which resulted in this portrait. Some of you might want to point out that the pose makes no sense since sunflowers have no smell to speak of. That would be nitpicking.

Tomorrow I’m meant to do another, rather more ambitious, shoot in the same botanical garden, so be prepared.


Here is a picture i made where I wanted to take the power of triangles to emphasize a subject to the extreme. I’m very happy with how the jackdaw sitting on the roof is clearly the main subject here, despite using a minimal amount of space.


The bumblebees favour these blue flowers in Uppsala’s Botanical Garden. I think this picture conveys their industry and their strangeness. So much like people, yet so different.

Sheep 641

While looking for landscape subjects at a place called Krusenberg south of Uppsala I passed a flock of sheep grazing in some high grass.

This one had an individual haircut and was, for a sheep, unusually sociable, which is why I choose it for this portrait.